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As the name suggests SpeedFinance is your one stop, shop for fastest processing of Personal Loan. Your Personal Loan application will be processed with Bank or NBFC as per your eligibility so that your applications is processed on priority. The experienced Relationship Managers will help you the processing of your application. SpeedFinance makes sure that you get the best service and deal in the loans.

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Personal Loans - Bad Credit, Good Credit, or No Credit!

SpeedFinance processes each application with thoughtfulness and consideration to the requirement of the applicant. In many cases it is found that applicant lacks on credit history. We have lenders on our platform who process such cases as well. After reviewing your credit history, we make sure that you are connected to the right lender.


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SpeedFinance provides fully digital platform for Personal Loan processing. We fully consider the human touch while the Personal Loan applications is processed by our systems. After digital platforms complete their first level of analysis, the application is assigned to a Relationship Manager. Our Relationship Managers are trained to provide excellent quality of service for your Personal Loan application. Your Relationship Manager will contact you after you complete and submit your Personal Loan application in our platforms. They will guide you while your loan processing is in progress and keep you updated about the journey. You will be able to check the live status of your Personal Loan application in our website or SpeedFinance Person Loan app from Play Store. This app is available on Play Store. On our website we have Riya (our chatbot) to help you with your queries. Riya is available 24X7 to answer your quick queries. It can tell you the status of your application. When you apply a Personal Loan with us, we make sure that you get best offers. Our systems and Relationship Managers continuously search for best deals for you.

FAQ for Personal Loan processing

Personal Loan is an unsecured product and given to person as the financial stability of person. It can used in any kind of requirement like paying medical expenses, travel, education, wedding etc.
The highest amount of Personal Loan that a person can avail varied from lander to lender. Every bank has its own qualification criteria. Few important things that every lending institute looks while deciding loan amount are following:
  • What is the net take home salary of person (if person is salaried)?
  • Does person have any existing loans and what is the amount of current EMI
  • What will be the amount of new EMI, combined, EMIs should not exceed the 30% of monthly take home salary
  • If person is self-employed, then revenue and profits on business are taken in consideration
  • The ageing of business and volume of financial transaction are critical factors in deciding the loan amount
These are guiding principals used during loan processing. However actual considerations may vary during the application processing.
Online platforms are very fast in their processing. They use software solution for faster processing. A fully digital (paperless) process is followed. This increases the speed of processing. SpeedFinance uses its state of art software platform to quickly process application and makes sure that lender-customer contact happens in the fastest possible timeframe.

In online loan processing, disbursement is done using online modes of money transfers.

It varies from case to case. In typical scenario it can be anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. Tenure of repayment is finalized during the loan processing.

KYC documents (PAN and Adhar) are the most sought-after documents. Income proof is another most important document. Bank statement and Address proof are also required by some lenders. In some cases, lenders may require more documents are the requirement of the case.

Look for following while applying for a Personal Loan
  • What is the Processing Fee?
  • Carefully review the processing fees being charged for the loan. Higher processing will increase the cost of loan.

  • How much is the Interest Rates?
  • Higher the interest rate more will be the financial burden when you are repaying. Interest rates vary from 9.5% to 24% per annum.

  • What are Repayment terms?
  • There should not be additional fees charged during the re-payment period.

Credit score plays vital role in loan processing. Lower credit score directly impacts the amount of loan and interest rate. Lower credit score results in lower loan amount and higher interest rate. To main good credit score you should keep your credit history clean by on-time payment of EMIs and Credit Card bills.

The digital platforms are very quick in Loan disbursement. Since all processing is digitally handled there are no delays due to physical sharing of documents. These lenders use software to review application and provide online platforms to upload documents required for loan processing. The disbursement is also done using RTGS/NEFT. This lowers the overall time of processing.